Saturday, August 9, 2014

Celestron travelscope 70 + T2 mount + Nikon D3200

The T2 mount is finally here. I was able to use it with my Celestron Travel Scope. The T2 mount took almost 40 to receive it from China. I replaced the eyepiece and removed the mirror prism, and suddenly I had a lens 400mm. Of course, the quality is much worse than the actual lenses, and I will need a lot of post-processing, but the price I paid it was less than 100 euro.
Nikon D3200 attached to the Celestron travelscope 70 using a T2 Mount.
Nikon D3200 attached to the Celestron travel scope 70 using a T2 Mount.

Here is my first impression: I need a good tripod. Even the light wind I had on 4th floor makes the images blurred. The tripod I way too cheap for this work, and the exposure more than 5 seconds does not forgive. Anyway I also did some daylight tests, here are my results:

View from my camera with 55mm.
View using the travel scope.
Here is one plane, note that I had to increase the ISO due to darkness.
My next target was the second most bright object in the sky: the moon. Again the quality was not the best, and I think it is because of the bad tripod. Here is the picture:
Shoot of the moon using the travel scope 70 and the Nikon dSLR.
The shoot of the moon using the travel scope 70 and the Nikon dSLR.

Overall I will say that is a good opportunity to take nice pictures during the day and night. However, you will have to buy a good tripod to be able to have long exposures. Moreover, the quality of the glass is not the best: there is fringe distortion. Again it is an ultra cheap solution that provides acceptable performance. Getting some star photos is my next goal.

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