Thursday, June 4, 2015

Filerimos - Rhodes

Filerimos is a hill situated near the village of Ialyssos which stands on the same site as the Doric city of Ialysos, in ancient times. When the Dorians arrived around 1100 BC Ialysos became member of the alliance known as the Dorian Hextapolis. Excavations discovered a Mycenaean pottery, a Doric foundation and a Hellenistic temple of Athena. In the middle age the Knights of St. John used the site.  Remnants of these periods and lot of the successive conquerors can still be seen. On the way up the ancient road to the Acropolis, you see the foundations of the temple of Zeus and Athena. On top you'll find the beautiful Monastery. This Monastery was destroyed under, the Turks and rebuilt by the Italians who installed Capuchin monks in it.  A short and quiet walk leads to an enormous cross, accessible by a stairway to the top. Also there are everywhere peacocks.

Peacocks, peacocks everywhere!

The road to the big cross.

The cross it self. Actually you can see it when landing in the airport.

View from the cross.  Left the military airport, right the political "Diagoras".

Old medieval building.

It is the perfect place for peaceful walks.

Back entry of the monastery.

Inside monastery.

Inside Monastery.

Road to... monastery.

"What are you looking at?"

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