Thursday, November 26, 2015

How to setup custom tk domain for your blog

I was wondering these days if there is any free domain name provider. After a bit of googling i discovered the site that can provide tk domains for free, but you have to renew it every year. The site also allows to register .com sites. I wrote a walk-through how to do this:

Step-1: Go to or and search for the domain you want.

Step-2: If the desired domain is available then you continue with the domain registration

Step-3: Click Order Now button. Here you have to verify your account by email. Verification link usually comes after 4-5 minutes.

Step-4: Go to Blogger Settings and find Publishing option in your dashboard.

Step-5: Then enter your Tk domain with www in the empty textbox.

Step-6: Hit Save button, you get a Error: "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12." Google provides you with two CNAMEs.

Step-7:  Go to Freenom site in a new tab and click on Domain Panel and then click on “My Domains”.

Step-8: Now click on "Manage Freenom DNS" and it will take to DNS MANAGEMENT.

Step-9: First of all Select “CNAME Record” from type option then write “www” in Name and “” in Target. Next copy the other information provided from Google.

Step-10: After 10-15 minutes return to the open page of the blog and press save. Our site is up. Check it here:

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