Friday, November 20, 2015

PC Gaming + Nostalgia

Not long ago i remember buying my 3dfx Voodoo3 3000 and running my old games. I remember the huge difference that the hardware transformation and lighting could provide. I was fanatic of Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit at this period. I had a good friend from the neighbour home and from time to time we were playing together in the PC trying to make the best time. I still remember his expression when we lunched the NFS again and saw the new graphics. My setup was a Cyrix 6x86 350 running at 250MHz with 32MB of ram initially that i upgraded them to 96MB later. My first graphics card had something like 4MB and with the upgrade to Voodoo3 3000 i went to 16MB. Enormous difference. Take a look on the difference of using Software vs Glide of 3dfx:

At that period i was using my PC mostly about playing games and nothing else. So the first thing i did is to install the games included with my 3dfx card. I remember two or three games. The first was the Descent 3 and the other one, what i played the most the Unreal.... When i first saw the graphics, i just said.. wow. This is not possible, my PC can't create these graphics real time and with vast open spaces. It was just a new machine. Just to get an idea of the intro screen:

Recently i stumbled upon a video regarding History of games. I will suggest you to watch if you ever played games and interested in the history.

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